Pirate Bounty Cupcake Kit

Brand: Meri Meri MR-188287 Units: 1 kit/ 48 pcs total Dimensions: Cupcake liners: 2" base x 1¼" wall
Cupcake toppers:
Pirate: 1⅞" wide x 4" long
1¼" wide x 4" long
Parrot: 1⅜" wide x 3½" long
Skull: 1¾" wide x 3⅜" long

This cute cupcake kit is perfect for any pirate party! Kit includes 24 paper cupcake liners and 24 toppers in 4 different styles. Toppers include: 2 different pirates, parrot, and skull and crossbones. Toppers are paper on wooden picks.



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