The story of Country Kitchen spans four generations and thousands of pounds of sugar and chocolate. After years of owning a restaurant, Mildred Brand traveled to Chicago and attended cake decorating classes. Those classes sparked a creative passion that led her and her husband Wilbur to begin providing catering and wedding cake services.
In 1964, Wilbur and Mildred moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana and began selling cake decorating supplies. Over the years, they added candy supplies, offered cake and candy decorating classes and started a mail order business.
Now 50 years later, Mildred’s daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren carry on her vision for making the culinary arts accessible to everyone.
Country Kitchen SweetArt carries more than 14,000 cake and candy supplies items. The company maintains a large store in Fort Wayne, Indiana and its web site now allows people from around the country and the world to enjoy a piece of SweetArt.
Vi Whittington
Autumn and Bruce Carpenter