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Cake Baking Tools

  • Cake Lifters and Levelers
    Use a cake leveler to remove an uneven cake top or to split a cake in half and add a filling.
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  • Cake Testers, Heating Cores, and Insulating Strips
    Use a cake tester by inserting into the deepest part of a cake to check for doneness. When the needle comes out clean, the baking process is complete. A cake tester can be used for other tasks as well such as removing small scraps of cookie dough between cookies.
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  • Servers
    Serve nice and neat servings of pie, cake or brownies. A properly shaped server can make it much easier to cut a slice of pie and transfer it to a plate without it falling apart.
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  • Turntables
    Cake turntables allow for ease and speed when decorating a cake. Use when icing cake to help smooth sides and use when decorating to have the spot you are working on right in front of you. Tilting turntables are also available to allow the cake to tilt at an angle to make side decorating easier.
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