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Candy and Chocolate Tools and Gadgets

  • Dipping Tools
    Dipping tools are a "must-have" when dipping bonbons, pretzels, crackers and other treats. They are available in a variety of styles such as forks, grids and swirls, designed to work best with different shaped treats.
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  • Double Boilers, Fondue and Melting Pots
    Double boilers are a pair of nesting saucepans. When you bring a couple inches of water to almost a boil in the lower pan, then fit the two pans together, you can melt with the heat of the steam at a slow gentle temperature. Double boilers are ideal pans for melting chocolate, custards and any delicate mixture. Water in lower pan should not touch top pan.
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  • Miscellaneous Candy Tools
    There are many specialty or unusual tools that can be used for candy making. Some of these other candy tools can create beautiful candies or help to make your work faster or easier.
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  • Skewers and Toothpicks
    Wood or bamboo skewers, toothpicks and party picks are great for making your food more fun! Skewer meat and veggies for kabobs on the grill or pound cake and fruit for a dessert kabob. Use toothpicks and party picks so guests don't have to use their fingers, especially helpful with dipping sauces and fondue.
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  • Squeeze Bottles
    Using a squeeze bottle is a great way to fill molds with candy coating, drizzle chocolate over desserts or cover cookies in run sugar. Cut the hole of the squeeze bottle to the size that best fits your needs. Clean up after chocolate can be a breeze if you put the squeeze bottle in the freezer, allow the chocolate or candy coating to harden, then break apart and it will come out in pieces.
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