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Candy Centers, Crunches, Caramel, and Fillings

  • Candy Centers
    Soft centers are soft and must be used with a candy mold, they cannot be formed into balls. Caramel is available in tubs or Squeeze-em triangles. All squeeze-ems soft centers are ready-to-use candy centers in a convenient triangle-shaped bag. Just snip the end of the bag and fill your chocolate-lined molds. Most centers are available in early October through Easter or while quantities last.
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  • Candy Crunches, Bars, and Bits
    Candy crunches are bits of candy ready to be mixed into chocolate, cookies and more. For chocolate bark- melt two pounds of chocolate and stir in one bag of the candy crunches. Spread thin on parchment paper and allow to set. Break into squares when the candy hardens. Size of crunch pieces may vary from batch to batch.
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  • Caramel
    Caramel is a delicious candy that can be enjoyed plain or inside candy, cakes and cookies. Caramel is a cooked candy that time and practice to make so ready-to-go caramels are a time saver that taste great too. We offer caramel in a variety of forms including: soft caramel for filling candy molds or drizzling, firm caramel for dipped candies or cookie centers and non-flowing caramel which is best for dipping apples.
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  • Coconut
    Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm tree and can be used in many different forms for cakes, cookies and candies. Coconut in raw form such as raw chip and desiccated coconut are used for brittles, macaroons and more. Other coconut products are already prepared and ready to be used as a garnish or candy center.
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  • Dry Fondant
    Make your own candy centers using this powdered mix. Add cream and butter as directed on package and it makes a delicious cream center. Add flavoring, nuts and colors as desired. Can also be kneaded into ready-made centers to make them firmer and easier to work with.
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  • Pastry Fillings
    One taste of these delicious ready-to-go pastry fillings and you'll be hooked! The fillings are available in a variety of flavors and taste great between layers of cake, used as a pie filling, in cookie and candy recipes and for ice cream toppings.
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