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Miscellaneous Decorating Tools

  • Brushes, Paint and Water Tray
    Cake slicers and levelers slice off the excess rounded part from the top of cakes and cut through the center of the cake to have multiple layers from one cake. Levelers adjust on both sides to create flat, level cakes.
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  • Cake Dividers and Garland Markers
    Cake dividers and cake markers will ensure each slice of cake or pie is exactly the same size. Whether it is just a marker that makes an impression to follow when cutting or a cake slicer divider that can be pressed into the cake it is a tool that will create uniform slices and ease in cake cutting. Great for round cakes, sheet cakes, brownies and pies.
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  • Flower Forms and Cel Pads
    Flower formers are ideal for making realistic, three dimensional flowers. Allow fondant or gum paste flowers to dry in form to create a natural, round shape. Formers also work well for creating bows and leaves or anything that looks more natural curved instead of flat. Cel Pads also help to create natural looking flowers by helping to thin and frill edges of petals.
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  • Gelatin Supplies
    Gelatin can be used as a thickener and stabilizer for a variety of molded desserts, and it is also used for making beautiful gelatin flowers, butterflies and bows. Gelatin decorations are delicate and elegant and a fun alternate to gum paste or sugar flowers and bows. Instructional gelatin books are a great tool for learning just how simple it is to make these beautiful creations.
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  • Stamens, Wire, Tape and Other Floral Parts
    Covered wires in assorted gauges, floral tape and stamens are essential tools when making beautiful gum paste flowers. When choosing a wire size remember that the larger the number the smaller the wire and the larger and heavier flowers will need support from a heavier wire. Floral tape is used to wrap several wire together when attaching multiple petals, leaves or flowers together. Premade stamen are a simple and beautiful way to add professional details to gum paste flowers.
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