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Packaging Closures

  • Bag Sealer and Tape
    A bag sealer is an efficient method of sealing treat bags. Can also be used to seal and package items throughout your home. Quick and easy to use.
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  • Elastic Stretch Loops
    Stretch loops help keep candy box lids in place and add a pretty touch. Loops are measured untied and unstretched. Use the following loops with the box size indicated:
    14" with 1/4 to 1/2 pound box
    18" with 1/2 to 1 pound box
    28" with 1 1/2 pound or larger box
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  • Labels and Stickers
    Stickers are a great way to close bags and secure packages closed. They are quick and easy to use. Some stickers allow for personalization and are ideal for gift giving.
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  • Ribbon, Twine, and Hemp Cord
    Ribbon is a traditional and affordable method for sealing treat bags, tying up a single box or a collection of boxes. Ribbon is available in a rainbow of colors to coordinate with all your other packaging choices.
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  • Twist Ties and Wire Closures
    Twist ties, wire ties and other types of bag closures are an economical choice for packaging bagged goodies. Easy to use, these types of closures are great for keeping the bag closed. They can be plain and simple or colorful and decorated with bows depending on your packaging needs.
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