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Food Color

  • Aerosol Spray Food Color
    Spray onto cakes, cookies, marshmallows, popcorn, anything edible to add color! Spray with a quick, single swipe for best results. One 100ml bottle should cover approximately 1 three-tier cake or 50 cookies, coverage will vary depending on how heavy a concentration of color is desired.
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  • Food Pens and Markers
    Use food markers as you would an ordinary marker to add fun and dazzling color to countless foods. Great for kids! Decorate on fondant, color flow, royal icing designs and cookies. Can be used for simple projects or to create detailed works of art!
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  • Gels Food Color
    Gel or paste food coloring is great for using to color buttercream icing and fondant. Gel colors create bright and vivid colors without significantly altering the consistency of the icing. Gel coloring blends evenly into icing without leaving specks or streaks. It also works well for coloring cake mix, cookie dough, play dough and more!
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  • Oil Based Food Color
    Oil based food color also called candy color is used for coloring chocolate and candy coating. Oil based colors incorporate easily into the chocolate and candy coating instead of water based gel colors that may thicken and ruin your chocolate or candy coating. Be careful of adding too much color because it can cause a bitter taste and color teeth and mouth when eating.
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