We have a large selection of flavors and extracts for any application from popular brands like LorAnn, Wilton Silver Cloud & Magic Line. Flavor emulsions and extracts are perfect for cooking and baking. Candy makers will love our variety of concentrated flavors and oils that can be used in chocolate and hard candies. We carry a variety of high quality, pure vanillas from Nielsen-Massey & more. Find popular crème bouquet, clear vanilla, butter flavoring, sassafras, coconut, butternut, and butter rum flavorings.

Wondering what the differences are between emulsions, extracts, and flavorings? Check out our blog Exploring the World of Flavors, Extracts, and Emulsions.

We now also carry Jordan's Skinny Syrups perfect for adding flavor and sweetness to drinks, baked goods, desserts, and more!