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Box Inserts, Candy Cups, and Accessories

  • Candy Box Inserts
    Inserts for candy boxes are a great way to showcase and protect candy pieces. Box inserts are available to fit a variety of boxes and the cavities within the insert are designed to fit a range of different size candies. Double check the dimensions of the candy insert to be sure it will fit snugly inside your desired box for a professional look.
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  • Candy Cups and Specialty Cups
    Place your finished candies, both molded, dipped and other treats in candy cups. The candy cups can then be placed inside boxes or arranged on trays. Candy cups help to keep boxes clean of chocolate smears and on a party tray allow guests to help themselves without touching other pieces.
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  • Candy Pads
    Candy pads will make stacking your candies easy. They are made from 3-ply white quilted paper with cushion and will make stacking layers simple and give the box a finished look. Can easily be cut to fit properly in your box.
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