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Cookie Tools

  • Cookie Presses
    Enjoy making traditional spritz cookies with a cookie press. Whether you prefer battery operated or comfort grip you're sure to like the end result of tasty, perfectly shaped little cookies.
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  • Cookie Scoops
    These handy cookie scoops will not only keep the baking process clean and efficient, the scoops will allow you to have consistent size cookies every time. Available in several sizes, these scoops are ideal for melon balls, ice cream, butter, frozen yogurt, sherbet and meatballs. Achieve the same size of cupcakes each time when scooping out cupcake or muffin batter. Your bonbon chocolates with be a consistent size too!
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  • Rosette Molds and Accessories
    Rosettes are small, deep-fried cookies originally from Sweden. A variety of rosette molds are available and one is placed on a handle then dipped into a thin batter and dipped in hot oil and the dough is fried until golden brown. They are often dusted with powdered sugar or can be dipped in chocolate.
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