Large Monogram Calligraphy Set Candy Mold

Brand: CK Products 90-CALLIGLG Units: 1 set / 3 molds total Dimensions: 26 cavities: 2" wide x 2½" long x ⅛" deep

26 cavities total; set of 3 clear plastic molds. To use, fill cavities with candy coating (1/2 T. Paramount Crystals may be melted with 1/2 lb. coating), piped from Squeezit-Mold Painters #81-302, using tip #2 or #3. Place filled mold in refrigerator until "just" cold. Carefully let candy fall from mold onto a soft surface. For a shimmering effect, brush pearl or luster dusts over the finished candy letters. Fondant: Lightly spray mold with a cooking spray or dust with a dusting powder. Press crease-free kneaded fondant into mold. Remove excess fondant. Push an additional piece of fondant against fondant in mold to pull molded fondant from mold. You may need to use a pin or tiny instrument to remove the character from the cavity. Use your fingers or a tool to smooth out the rough edge created by the pin. Adhere to cake with icing or piping gel.



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