Gumpaste/Chocolate People Mold-Man
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Gumpaste/Chocolate People Mold-Man

Brand:CK Products

Units: 1 Dimensions: Mold cavities:
Front/back torso: 1½" wide x 3⅛” long x ½" deep
Legs: 1½" wide x 4½" long x ½" deep
Arms: ⅝” wide x 3½" long x ¼" deep and ⅝” wide x 3⅛” long x ¼" deep
Feet: ½" wide x 1⅛” long x ½" deep
Finished piece: 8¼" long
Plastic, clear mold. Mold includes 2 torso fronts - one with a young face, one with an elderly. The actual mold has no clothes or hair detail. Finished body will measure approximately 8 1/4" tall.
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