3D 4 1/2" Plain Egg Chocolate Mold

Brand:CK Products

90-2338 Units: 1 Dimensions: 2 cavities: 3" wide x 4⅛" long x 1⅜” deep
Finished piece: 3" wide x 4⅛" long x 2¾" deep
2 cavities per mold, molds 1 3D egg with flat bottom. Approximately 2 pieces can be obtained from a pound of candy coating or chocolate. Fits boxes 86-4750, 86-4490, 86-4500, 86-4751, 86-4752.
Hand wash only. *This type of plastic is perfect for chocolate and coatings, but is not designed for hard candy or other hot ingredients.
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Additional Details

Special Care Instructions Hand wash only

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