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15 Excuses… Apron

15 Excuses… Apron

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Show your passion for chocolate with these fun, dark chocolate brown aprons. Apron is 27" long and 22" wide with adjustable neck straps. Phrase on apron reads "15 EXCUSES FOR EATING CHOCOLATE

1. Chocolate? I thought this was broccoli.

2. My wombat collects the wrappers.

3. It's not mine. I'm holding it for a friend.

4. Mr. Ed gave it to me and I never look a gift horse in the mouth.

5. It was melting in my hands, so I put it in my mouth.

6. My mother made me do it.

7. It's cheaper than a psychiatrist.

8. This is last month's dividend on my Hershey stock.

9. I'm a dropout from Chocoholics Anonymous.

10. It keeps vampires away.

11. It's better than sex.

12. I'm pregnant.

13. I'm not pregnant.

14. It comes with the territory.

15. Who needs an excuse?".

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