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This food item's “best by” date is 6/22/2023.
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Butter Flavor - Sale

Brand:Magic Line, Parrish

BB-PFLV91816 Units: 16 oz bottle

This product has a best buy date of 6/22/23. Professional strength flavor to add to cookies, cakes, pastries, and more.

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Additional Details

Ingredients: Diacetyl and other keytones, vanillin and other aldehydes, butyric and other organic acids, ethylbutyrate and other esters, propylene glycol, sorbitol, water.

Special Care Instructions Store sealed, in a cool, dry place away from direct light
allergy warning This product is prepared and packaged using machines that may come into contact with Wheat/Gluten, Eggs, Dairy or Dairy Products, Peanuts, Tree Nuts and Soy.
Non Returnable Product This item is non-returnable. More Information.