Floral Cookie Tarts

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Perfect for any occasion, these floral cookie tarts are sure to impress with their complex flavors and elegant presentation. They are filled with a raspberry peach champagne jam & topped with beautiful buttercream florals. You can customize the flavor by changing the filling- we have many Sweet Jam Options to choose from!
blue floral buttercream cookies on a marble platter

Floral Cookie Tart Recipe

flower with greenery cookie decorated with buttercream
For this recipe, it is super important to use a no-spread sugar cookie recipe. We used the "Best Sugar Cookies Ever" recipe by Jenny Cookies, & they turned out fantastic. We swapped out the vanilla extract for our Princess Emulsion & only used 1 tsp.


  • No Spread Sugar Cookie Dough, prepared
  • White Food Coloring, we prefer the Americolor brand
  • White Buttercream, divided
  • Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam
  • Buttercream colored with Americolor Moss Food Color Gel, in a tipless bag
  • Buttercream colored with Americolor Regal Purple Food Color Gel, in a tipless bag
  • Buttercream colored with Americolor Moss, Cypress & Espresso Food Color Gel, in a piping bag fitted with tip #350
  • Buttercream colored with Americolor Regal Purple & Royal Blue Food Color Gel, in a piping bag fitted with tip #103 & striped with regal purple buttercream


Making the Cookies
Begin by making your preferred no-spread sugar cookie recipe.
Use our pastry rulers & a rolling pin to roll out the cookie dough. We like to do this on a sheet of parchment paper for easy clean-up.
rolling out sugar cookie dough
Use our flower with greenery cookie cutter to cut out an even number of cookies- you will need 2 cookies for each tart.
cutting out cookie dough using a floral cookie cutter
Carefully transfer your cut-out cookies to a baking sheet lined with a Chua Baking Mat. These mats are the best for baking cookies- the perforated texture allows for an even bake, results in a nice texture on the bottom of the cookie, & minimizes spread! If you have never tried baking sugar cookies on them, you have to try them out- they are a game changer!
placing cut out cookies onto a baking sheet lined with a chua mat
Once all your sugar cookies have been cut out, paint an even layer of white food coloring onto half of the cookies. This will give the cookie a very unique looked after being baked & there is no bad after-taste.
painting white food coloring onto cookie cut outs
Bake the cookies according to the recipe until baked fully. Allow them to cool completley before moving onto the next step.
baked cookies on cookie sheet
Assembling the Cookie Tarts
Once the cookies have cooled completely, place a plain sugar cookie onto your turn table.
Using a tipless piping bag filled with white buttercream, pipe dollops of frosting around the edge of your cookie to create a dam.
piping buttercream dollops around the edge of a cookie
Once the border of buttercream is completed, fill the center of the cookie with a thin layer of jam.
spreading jam onto baked sugar cookie
Top the jam-filled cookie with one of the sugar cookies that was painted white.
topping jam filled cookie with a white painted sugar cookie
Repeat these steps until all of the cookie tarts are assembled.
Decorating the Cookie Tarts
Use the image that goes along with our cookie cutter to help decorate.
Starting with the lightest shade of green buttercream in a tipless bag, pipe 3 strands of greenery.
piping green buttercream greenery onto cookie
Pipe 2 more stands of greenery in the opposing style & add little dollops of purple buttercream to the end of each sprig.
piping greenery sprigs onto sugar cookie
Pipe varying sizes of leaves to fill in the remaining gaps using the darkest shade of green buttercream.
piping buttercream leaves onto cookie tart
To create petals, pipe ruffles of buttercream, starting on the outside of the flower, working your way in. Make sure the skinny side of the tip is facing out to get more defined petals.
piping a buttercream flower onto cookieusing a rose tip to pipe a buttercream flower onto a sugar cookie
Add white nonpareils & edible glitter to the center of the flower.
adding white sprinkles to center of buttercream floweradding edible glitter to center of buttercream flower
floral cookie tart on marble platter

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