Difference Between a Truffle and a Ganache

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Difference Between a Truffle and a Ganache
Ingredients and Supplies
Ganache is a French word for a mixture of chocolate and heavy cream. Other ingredients may be added to obtain various flavors. The thickness of ganache can vary depending on the intended use. Add more heavy cream for a smooth, thin glaze used as icing for cakes. Use less cream (as in the recipes included here) for ganache centers or truffles.

The ganache centers are made by boiling heavy cream, then adding chocolate. When the ganache is chilled it will become a dense, creamy center. Each of the truffle recipes on this site is essentially a ganache. Truffles have heavy cream in the ingredients, but the cream is whipped, giving a light and airy texture to the finished candy.

Recipe and image taken with permission fromAutumn Carpenter's Book, All About Candy Making. All rights reserved.