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Wholesale Baking Supplies

Sports Ball Texture Set Blue Tile Cake
Even if you are only a small bakery, cake shop or chocolate shop you definitely want to consider purchasing some wholesale baking supplies instead of purchasing smaller quantities from retail shops. Wholesale baking supplies are ideal to purchase when you are doing a large enough volume of sales that you can use the supplies before they go bad. If shelf life is a problem, then the best wholesale baking supplies to purchase are non-perishable goods such as cake boxes, cupcake liners, cake pans and other packaging products or tools that you will be able to use in the future. Country Kitchen SweetArt is predominantly a retail shop, but we do offer special incentives that are closer to the pricing for wholesale baking supplies. We sell many of our baking supplies in wholesale volumes, such as large boxes of cake boxes, cardboards, candy box inserts, cupcake liners and more. We also offer a 10% discount off all purchases over $100 and 15% discount off all purchases over $200 which can make our pricing similar to wholesale pricing without having to deal with minimum order and tax ID restrictions. There are also a few baking supplies that we developed and manufacture and we are able to offer those baking supplies at wholesale pricing and quantities. MYCA, is considered the wholesale division of Country Kitchen SweetArt and offers wholesale baking supplies from Autumn Carpenter Designs. These wholesale baking supplies include cookie cutter texture sets, large texture sheets, books, DVDs, silicone chablons and more. Please contact Country Kitchen SweetArt and ask from a MYCA representative for additional information on purchasing wholesale baking supplies.

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