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Clear Jel

Clear Jel

Units:1 lb. bag
Item Number: K-17705
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This jel is best used for cooked products. The powder should be dissolved in cold water before adding into sauce.
Clear Jel is an amazing, commercialized food starch that thickens foods instantly without cooking. It resembles cornstarch and the results are similar; however, Clear Jel offers many major advantages to your cooking preparations, including reducing the amount of sugar needed in recipes, reducing the amount of time spent in food preparing, and thickens food instantly. It is used for jams, jellies and most popularly used for home-canned pies. The main advantage of this starch over cornstarch is that it has no tendency to weep during storage.

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Ingredients: Modified Food Starch. Directions: Requires heating before the thickening process begins. There is a gradual increase in thickness during heating. Maximum thickness is reached upon cooling. Recommended for home canning by the USDA. Prepare Clear Jel the same as directed for cornstarch thickened fillings. Substitute the same measure of clear jel (or 10% less) for cornstarch required in recipes. Clear Jel is not considered freezer stable. Resists "weeping" upon cooling.