Ice Cream Parlor Ultimate Baking Party

Brand: Handstand Kitchen HK-BICULT Units: 1 set/ 15 pcs total Dimensions: Cupcake Mold:
Ice Cream Cone: 2⅜" wide x 3¼" long x 1" deep
Popsicle: 1⅞" wide x 3¾" long x 1⅛" deep
Large Ice Cream Cone: 2⅛" wide x 4⅛" long x 1" deep
Sundae: 2½" wide x 3" long x 1" deep
Snall Ice Cream Cone: 1¼" wide x 2⅛" long x 1" deep
Popsicle with Bite: 1½" wide x 2¼" long x 1" deep
Popsicle: 1¼" wide x 2½" long x 1" deep
3 Scoop Cone: 1⅝" wide x 2½" long x 1" deep
Latte with Straw: 1½" wide x 2¾" long x 1" deep

Have fun baking in the kitchen with this ice cream parlor ultimate baking set. Set comes with ice cream cone and popsicle shaped silicone cupcake pan, 7 fun metal cookie cutters, spatula, icing bag with 3 metal tips, recipes and sheet of stickers.



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Special Care Instructions Hand wash and dry thoroughly