Center Core Support Rods

Brand: Wilton 399-5003 Units: 3/pkg Dimensions: Large: ½" diameter x 4⅞" long
Small: ½" diameter x 2 13/16" long

Create a secure center support for stacked cakes using interlocking rods. Center Core Rods keep tiers stable and "locked" into place and fit together to support any number of tiers. Use in conjunction with Wilton Support Rods and Caps (sold separately). Package includes 2 large core rods and 1 small core rod.
Follow these steps for stacking cakes:
1. Place tiers on cake circles. (cut a hole in center for Center Core Rod to feed through.) Mark and cut Support Rods to height of cake.
2. Place one cap on each Support Rod. Insert Support Rods in bottom cake.
3. Insert Center Core Rod into tier.
4. Stack second tier. Repeat to stack remaining tiers.



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