Marble Graduation Cake

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Elevate your graduation celebration with a show-stopping Geometric Marbled Graduation Cake. This cake combines the sophistication of marbled fondant with the modern flair of geometric patterns and shimmering gold accents, creating a centerpiece that’s as impressive as the achievements you’re celebrating. Whether you're honoring a high school, college, or postgraduate milestone, this cake will add a touch of elegance and personalization to your event.
Marble Graduation Cake

Decorate Geometric Marbled Graduation Cake

Create a breathtaking Geometric Marbled Graduation Cake that showcases a blend of marbled fondant, intricate geometric patterns, and elegant gold accents. Perfect for any graduation celebration, this cake will serve as a stunning centerpiece. Follow these detailed steps to craft your masterpiece.


  • White Rolled Fondant
  • Black Rolled Fondant
  • Hexagon Geometric Multicutter™ Set
  • Strip Cutter #3
  • Super Gold Sterling Pearl Dust
  • Grain Alcohol
  • Black Graduation Cap Topper w/ Foil Tassel
  • Piping Gel


Marble the Fondant:
Start by kneading white fondant until it becomes soft and pliable.
Add small pieces of colored fondant and gently twist and fold until you achieve a marbled effect.
Roll out the marbled fondant to cover each tier of your cake.
Cover the Cake Tiers:
Carefully apply the rolled marbled fondant to each tier of the cake, smoothing it out to avoid air bubbles.
Stack the cake tiers securely.
Create Geometric Pattern on the Bottom Tier:
Roll out additional fondant and use the strip cutter to cut out strips.
Attach the fondant strips to the bottom tier using piping gel, forming a geometric pattern.
Mix gold luster dust with grain alcohol to create gold paint.
Carefully paint each attached strip with the gold luster paint.
Decorate the Top Tier:
For a more intense marbled look, knead a heavier concentration of colored fondant.
Roll out the fondant to the thickness of tiles and use the hexagon geometric multi-cutter to cut out hexagons.
Arrange the hexagons in a honeycomb pattern, cascading up the side of the top tier, and attach them with piping gel.
Use gold luster paint to accent the hexagon tiles.
Add the Finishing Touches:
Freehand “Congrats Grad” in gold paint on the side of the cake for a personalized touch.
Finally, place a black graduation cap topper with a foil tassel on top of the cake.
By following these steps, you’ll create a magnificent Geometric Marbled Graduation Cake that will leave your guests in awe and make your graduate’s celebration truly memorable. Enjoy the process and celebrate your graduate in style!

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