Collegiate Letter Graduation Cake

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Graduation is a milestone achievement that deserves a cake as special as the occasion. The Collegiate Letter Graduation Cake is a perfect blend of personalization and celebration, featuring smooth buttercream frosting, colorful collegiate letters, and classic graduation symbols. This cake not only tastes delicious but also serves as a centerpiece that showcases the pride and joy of your graduate's accomplishments. With a few simple steps, you can create a stunning cake that highlights their school spirit and adds a festive touch to the celebration.
Collegiate Letter Graduation Cake

Decorate Collegiate Letter Graduation Cake | Molded Chocolate

By following these steps, you’ll create a delightful and personalized Collegiate Letter Graduation Cake that celebrates your graduate’s accomplishments in style. Enjoy the process and make your graduate’s day even more special!


  • White Decorating Buttercream Icing
  • Extra Tall Plain Edge Scraper
  • Food Colors (exact colors listed below)
  • #22 Open Star Stainless Steel Piping Tip
  • Collegiate Letter U Chocolate Mold
  • Collegiate Letter J Chocolate Mold
  • Super White Chocolate Melts
  • Paramount Crystals
  • Squeeze Bottle - 12 oz
  • Sucker Sticks 8 x 11/64
  • Blue 100% Edible Confectionery Paint
  • Red 100% Edible Confectionery Paint
  • Brown Taklon Brush Round Set
  • Graduation Cap w/Tassel - Blue
  • Small Paper Diplomas


Frost the Cake:
Ice your cake in buttercream frosting, smoothing it out for a clean, even surface.
Use a piping bag to pipe a decorative border around the edges of the cake with coordinating buttercream.
Create the Collegiate Letters:
Melt the candy coating according to the package instructions.
Fill the cavities of the collegiate letter molds with the melted candy coating.
Tap the molds gently to release any air bubbles.
Place the filled molds in the freezer for 20 minutes.
Remove Letters from Molds:
Take the molds out of the freezer when they appear cloudy and the candy releases easily.
Let the letters come to room temperature before handling them further.
Attach Sucker Sticks:
Melt some additional candy coating.
Attach sucker sticks to the back of each collegiate letter using the melted candy coating.
Allow the candy coating to set, securing the sticks in place.
Paint the Letters:
Use poppy paint in your desired colors to paint the collegiate letters.
Allow the paint to dry completely.
Decorate the Cake:
Carefully place the painted collegiate letters on top of the cake, positioning them as desired.
Add the graduation cap and diploma decorations to complete the look.
White Buttercream cake with blue buttercream border. Collegiate letters are molded in white candy coating and painted with poppy paint in red and blue. A cake topper graduation hat and paper diploma sit attop the cake along with the collegiate letters.
Collegiate letters and molded with candy coating and a sucker stick. The letters are painted in blue and red poppy paint. They sit attop the cake along with a graduation hat and paper diploma.

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