How to Use Rolkem Lumo Paints & Dusts

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Welcome to the enchanting world of edible luminescence! In this guide, we will explore the art of incorporating glow-in-the-dark dusts and paints into various edible mediums, transforming your culinary creations into captivating, glowing wonders.
different items using Rolkem that glow under blacklight

How to Use Black Light Edible Paints & Dusts by Rolkem

Welcome to the world of luminescent culinary art! Below are detailed instructions on incorporating glow-in-the-dark dusts and paints into various mediums, enhancing your creations with an otherworldly glow.


  • White Decorating Buttercream Icing
  • White Royal Icing Mix
  • Super White Chocolate Melts
  • Paramount Crystals
  • White Sugar Pearls
  • Lumo Stellar Green UV Powder
  • Lumo Arc Chrome UV Powder
  • Lumo Neon Glo UV Powder
  • Lumo Cosmo Pink UV Powder
  • Lumo Stellar Green UV Paint
  • Lumo Comet Blue UV Paint
  • Lumo Astral Pink UV Paint
  • Lumo Viola UV Paint
  • Quick Dry Essence
  • Neon/Electric Pink Soft Gel Paste™ Food Color


Usage Guidelines for Glow-in-the-Dark Dusts and Paints:
Using Dust:
Mix ¼ tsp of glow-in-the-dark dust with ½ cup of buttercream. Adjust the amount of dust for desired color intensity. Ensure there's enough product to glow under a black light.
Using Paint:
Add 3-4 drops of glow-in-the-dark paint to ½ cup of buttercream. Mix thoroughly until the paint is evenly distributed.
Royal Icing:
Add ¼ tsp of dust to ¼ cup of premade royal icing. Mix well and add more dust for a brighter color.
Mix 3-4 drops of paint per ¼ cup of royal icing. Adjust the quantity for desired color, and consider adding gel food color if needed.
Knead fondant until soft. Create a well and add the dust, kneading until mixed well. Mold or roll out the colored fondant.
Create a well and add 3-4 drops of paint to fondant. Knead until the paint is evenly distributed.
Candy Coating:
Add ¼ tsp of dust to ¼ cup of melted chocolate. Mix well and use for molding.
Add 3-4 drops of paint to ¼ cup melted white candy coating. Adjust color by adding more paint (carefully to avoid thickening).
If needed, add paramount crystals for desired consistency.
Coloring Sugar Pearls:
For dust: Add ¼ tsp dust and 3-4 drops quick-dry essence to sugar pearls. Stir and let dry on parchment.
For paint: Add paint to pearls, stir with a brush for an even coat. Let dry on parchment.
Mix a few drops of paint with 2-3 drops of quick-dry essence for airbrushing. Add to the color cup and airbrush as normal.
Apply to crusted buttercream, dried royal icing, fondant, or chocolate.
Additional Tips:
Turning Dust into Paint:
Mix dust with quick-dry essence until paint-like consistency.
Apply with a paintbrush on crusted or dried surfaces.
Multiple Coats:
For more coverage, let the first coat dry for 5-10 minutes before applying a second coat.

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