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Gum Paste Hydrangea Bunch

Gum Paste Hydrangea Bunch

- Non Edible
Units:10 bunches
Item Number: DP-8986
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Each bunch has approximately 10 flowers.

Gum paste flowers that can be dusted with any color of petal or luster dust. Each flower is on a wire, so they can be made into a bouquet, or easily placed on a cake. This item is very fragile and will be shipped at your own risk.

• 3" wide x 3" long x 1½" deep

Non edible item
If using as decoration on a real cake, pieces should be removed before serving.

Ingredients: Confectionery Powder Sugar, Tapioca Flour, Gelatine, Potassium Sorbate, FD and C Food Colors, Craft Wire, Florist Tape.