Artistic Color Wheel

D-JH23501 Units: 1 Dimensions: 5¼" diameter

Use this artistic color wheel to perfect your buttercream and royal icing colors. Front side of wheel displays 12 colors and their variations based on adding a primary color, white, or black. Back side displays shade, tone, and tint variations for each color, complementary colors, split complimentary colors, triad and tetrad color combinations.
How to use: (front side) select color on the outside wheel, align with color on inside wheel (red, yellow, blue, white, or black) and mixture appears in the window. Example: Ouside color - Yellow-Green + Blue = Dark Teal.

The color wheel can also be used to correct colors. Example: when adding brown gel food color to white icing, sometimes the pink/red tones are too strong, add a tiny amount of green gel food color to icing to get a more true brown. This also works for buttercream; the butter can make it more yellow than white, add a tiny amount of purple to cancel the yellow tones. Based on gel food color.
Color wheel includes descriptions of tone, hue, value, shade, tint, and intensity of colors, complementary colors, primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, monochromatic, analogous, split complementary, triad, tetrad and key color.

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