Sweet Sticks Alcohol Free Activator

Brand:Sweet Sticks

SS-6958 Units: 1.69 oz

Alcohol Free Activator by Sweet Sticks - Stencil Applicator

Product Features:

  • Revolutionary Solution to Turn Powdered Food Colors & Luster Dusts into Pure Paint
  • Ideal for Religious, Vegan, Conscious Cookiers, and Cake Stencil Artist
  • Alcohol-free and uses Vegan-friendly Ingredients
  • Paints on Almost all Mediums
  • Dries Completely with a Rub-free Finish
  • Once Dry, Solution has No Taste
  • Perfect for Packing Cookies and Cakesicles without Damage, Cello Friendly!

How to Use:

For creating paint, simply mix equal parts of Paint Powders and Alcohol-Free Activator until the desired consistency is achieved. We like using a plastic paint palette

How to Use with Stencils:

  • Securely Hold the Stencil on the Surface as You Brush the Alcohol Free Activator Over the Top
  • Take Your Dry Brush and Dab Your Lustre Over the Stencil
  • Brush Away any Loose Dust
  • When You're Finished, Slowly Remove the Stencil
  • This method works on Ganache, Fondant, and Buttercream.
  • For Large Surfaces:

    Use the "Paint & Dust with Zero Fuss" Method:

    • Simply Paint Activator Directly onto Surface
    • Using a Luster Brush, Apply Luster Dust onto the Newly Painted Area
    • Once Covered, use a Dry Luster Brush to Brush Away any Leftover Luster Dust


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Additional Details

Ingredients: Water, Gum arabic, Citric acid.

Special Care Instructions Store sealed, in a cool, dry place away from direct light
Kosher This item is labeled Kosher, but certification is unspecified
Non Returnable Product This item is non-returnable. More Information.