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Golden Corn Crystal Color

Golden Corn Crystal Color

Units:1/2 oz. jar
Item Number: SL-041099
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Crystal Color is a U.S. certified food color. It can be used to color chocolate or candy coating, icings, fondant, gum paste and more. This color does not fade or bleed, and does not stain hands when kneading fondant. It can also be used like a petal dust.

Homemade buttercream icings (if using real butter, use unsalted with no color additives as some butter contains FDC yellow 6):
Mix color with powdered sugar and make sure it is well mixed. Add to icing.

Commercial icings:
Mix color with powdered sugar, then mix into icing. This will take 1 to 2 hours for the color to completely develop. Once color is developed, it will not change colors or fade.

Royal Icing:
Mix color with powdered sugar then make royal icing as usual.

Mix color directly into fondant and knead very well. This will not stain your hands like liquid or gel food coloring.

White Chocolate:
Mix color directly into melted chocolate.

Dusting Gum Paste Flowers:
Work color into brush (sable flat shader style brush is recommended), then work from the outside edges in toward the center. A little color goes a long way.

Mix color with vodka or lemon extract to paint designs.

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Ingredients: Yellow 5 (E102), U.S. Certified Food Color.

• Brand: Sugarpaste, LLC

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