Cocoa Barry Cocoa Butter Pistoles

Brand:Barry Callebaut

WB-703 Units: 4 oz
Create perfectly crafted confections with Cacao Barry Cocoa Butter Pistoles. These specially designed cocoa butter discs ensure that your treats have the right hardness, shine, and snap.

They make your chocolate more fluid, resulting in a thinner and harder chocolate shell. They also help with consistent crystallization, creating a protective layer that gives your candies a flawless finish and satisfying snap.

You can also use them for chocolate spray and fountain applications to add a touch of artistry to your creations. The small disc shape makes them easy to add to your tempered chocolate, giving you better control over your final product. Plus, they come in a resealable bag for freshness and convenient storage.

Elevate your confections with Cacao Barry Cocoa Butter Pistoles and enjoy professional-quality results every time.


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