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Pastry Bag Set

Pastry Bag Set

Units:1 set / 12 pcs. total
Item Number: MI-A38201
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Great for macaroons, decorating your cupcakes and filling cream puffs easily thanks to its 6 different nozzles. Set includes: 2 x 17.5 fl.oz pastry bag,1 x 8.8 fl.oz pastry bag, 1 stand, 6 nozzles, 1 set of tongs, and 1 cleaning brush. Filling the pastry bag is simple once placed vertically on its stand. Handy on your counter top, the stand also provides stocking space for the 6 nozzles,the clip and the cleaning brush. The clip is ideal for holding the bag firmly when in use or to keep your preparation in the pastry bag until needed. Instructions for use and recipes included.

• UPC: 885902382016

• Brand: Mastrad, Orka

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