Easel Genie Set

Brand: Stencil Genie SG-201 Units: 1 set/ 13 pcs total Dimensions: 5¼" wide x 5" long x 4" tall

The Easel Genie holds your cookie and Stencil Genie (sold separately) in an upright position perfect for airbrushing or spraying with luster sprays. Two magnetic bars hold the cookie in place so that stenciling is uniform from cookie to cookie. To use the Easel Genie, first secure your stencil in the Stencil Genie. Position one magnetic bar on the front of the easel and one on the back so that they "click" together. Use the bar with the rounded or straight side up, whichever most securely holds your cookie. Rest the Stencil Genie on the lip of the easel and be sure that the stencil is snug against the cookie. For best results Frame B should be facing you. The set comes with one brushed aluminum Easel Genie, two magnetic bars, and approximately 10 sheets of disposable liners.



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Additional Details

Special Care Instructions Wipe with damp cloth, do not submerge in water.

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