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Talisman Proofing Basket w/ Embosser

H-00546 Units: 2 pcs Dimensions: 9" x 8" x 3"

Talisman's Bread Proofing Basket with Embosser is ideal for proofing softer bread dough that requires added support. The bowl holds heat in and provides structure and shape during the dough proofing (rising) process. Its coiled texture, along with a dusting of flour, adds a decorative artisan finish to homemade breads.

It's ideal for proofing softer doughs, like Irish soda bread, sourdough and French bread, but can be used for adding decorative interest to any bread dough that requires proofing.

Press the embosser into the top of the proofed dough before baking to add an even deeper decorative appeal.

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Special Care Instructions Dishwasher safe