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Large Candy Break-Up Sheet

Large Candy Break-Up Sheet

Item Number: 90-50000
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Last chance item! Limited quantities. If needing multiple units, please call us: 260-482-4835 or email us for availability.
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Thinly spread barks onto this sheet. When hardened bark easily breaks apart into the 1 ½" squares. Two pounds of coating with 3 cups (usually one bag) of crunch covers the sheet with some bark left over, or use half the amounts and nearly fill the sheet. To make neat square pieces of candy, spread thinly onto the K & S Candy Break-Up Sheet. Place in freezer for a short time to harden. Remove from freezer and let set at room temperature before breaking the candy into the neat size pieces. Do not allow candy to get too cold.
Hand wash only. *This type of plastic is perfect for chocolate and coatings, but is not designed for hard candy or other hot ingredients.

• Mold cavity: 12" wide x 18" long; finished pieces: 1½" wide x 1½" long

• UPC: 745367251510

• Brand: CK Products