Jungle Animal Cookie Cutter Stamp Set

Brand:R&M International

RM-0498 Units: 1 set/ 4 pcs Dimensions: Cutters measure:
Lion: 2" wide x 1¾" long x ⅝" deep
Giraffe: 1½" wide x 2¼" long x ⅝" deep
Zebra: 1⅝" wide x 1⅞" long x ⅝" deep
Elephant: 2" wide x 1⅝" long x ⅝" deep

Plastic cutters with plunger imprinters will cut out cookie dough and emboss a detailed design. Set includes 4 cutters- lion, giraffe, zebra, and elephant.



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Additional Details

Special Care Instructions Hand wash only, do not submerge in water. Dry thoroughly.