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Sucker Sticks, Spoon Handles, and Straws

  • Cake Pop and Sucker Sticks
    Round, white paper sucker sticks. Ideal for chocolate, candy coatings and hard candy making. Works well for cookie bouquets as well. The sticks may discolor slightly when baked in the oven for cookie bouquets. Sticks can easily to cut to desired length.
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  • Mocha Spoon Handles
    Plastic mocha spoon handles can be used to create homemade coffee stirrers. Use one of these handles and a spoon mold. Add flavorings to your molded chocolate for extra flavor and fun! Great for coffee and hot chocolate!
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  • Rose Stems and Marzipan Leaves
    Marzipan is a sweet dough that is usually made with almond paste. Marzipan can be used as a rolled icing to cover a cake or to make traditional marzipan fruit candies. Special tools and plastic leaves can help to make marzipan fruit look neat and professional.
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  • Wooden Caramel Apple Sticks
    Round, wooden skewers can be used for many projects such as candy apples, long stem chocolate roses, cookie bouquets and more. Wooden sticks are very sturdy and do not discolor during baking.
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