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Assembly and Display

  • Cake Boards, Doilies, and Styrofoam Dummies
    We carry a huge selection of cake boards. Masonite, plastic, foil-covered drums, and cardboards all available. Doilies and rolls of colored foil also available. Find styrofoam dummies in all shapes and sizes including forms for round, square, sheet, and topsy turvy cakes.
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  • Cake Plates, Pillars, Supports, and Separators
    Browse several styles of cake support systems from the brands you trust. Find square and round separator plates and cooridinating pillars from Bakery Craft and Wilton. Find flat plates and wooden or plastic dowels for stacked cakes.
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  • Cake Stands and Serving
    Find a stand to display cakes, cupcakes, and every other type of treat. Stands are available in all materials: ceramic, styrofoam, cardboard, metal and more. Shop a variety of stands for cake pops and suckers. Serving trays and containers are also available. Know a chocoholic? Mugs with chocolate sayings make a great gift!
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  • Fountains and Staircases
    Find the parts you need for traditional style wedding cakes. Shop fountains and staircases to make memorable cakes.
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  • Sucker Sticks, Spoon Handles, and Straws
    Find paper and plastic sucker sticks in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. Wooden sticks are available for caramel apples. We have a nice selection of paper straws in various prints for cake pops and other treats. Containers for cake push pops are also available.
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