7" Clear Reg Locking Columns
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7" Clear Reg Locking Columns


Locking Cake Pillars for Stacked Cakes

Elevate your cakes to new heights with these locking-style pillars that are designed to use with the locking plates (shown below) for extra stability when stacking cakes. These pillars have a squared end which twist and lock into the plate for a secure fit. The pillars go through the cake for one plate per tier assembly.
Note: Plates and pillars are sold separately. These pillars only work with the plates shown below.

Locking Cake Pillars Key Features:

  • Simple Design: No need to dowel your tiered cakes, these pillars are designed to serve as the dowels.
  • Versatile Height: Pillars can be cut to the height of the cake for a stacked cake with no space in between the tiers or leave the pillars uncut to lift the next tier above the one below. Fill the space with flowers, or simply have the pillars showing for a more minimal look.
  • Stable support: these pillars are made of durable, thick plastic which are much stronger than straws and thinner plastic dowels
  • Clean design: The smooth surface of the plates allows for flawless frosting application and easy cleaning.
  • Reusable
  • FDA-approved for food contact
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