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Soccer Ball and Cleat Cake

Soccer Ball and Cleat Cake

Idea gallery #1619
  • 10" x 3" cake
  • two 6" hemisphere cakes
  • buttercream icing
  • green buttercream icing
  • green rolled fondant
  • white rolled fondant
  • black rolled fondant
  • soccer shoe PME cutter
  • cotton balls
  • pentagon pattern
  • piping gel
  • paint brush
  • flexible poly blade
Following included instructions, mold soccer cleat and allow to dry overnight. Cover 10" cake with green rolled fondant and place on cake board. Insert dowels or supports in upper right corner of cake. Assemble ball by cutting a straight edge off the top of one of the 6" hemispheres and attaching to a cake cardboard using buttercream icing. Spread icing on cake and attach the other 6" hemisphere to complete the ball. Ice with thin layer of buttercream icing. Roll white fondant into large circle and cover cake. Use pentagon pattern to mark ball using poly blade then cut patterns out. Use poly blade to mark lines extended from pentagons. Pipe grass on edges and in a circle on upper right corner; attach soccer ball to cake on top of grassy area. If desired, place dowel rod through ball for support. Place cleat on top of cake.