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Coconut Shaped Mini Cakes

Coconut Shaped Mini Cakes

Idea gallery #1646
  • cakes bake in 4" hemisphere pans
  • chocolate buttercream icing
  • buttercream icing
  • green paper straws
  • party umbrellas
  • dark green rolled fondant
  • lime green rolled fondant
  • flexible poly blade
  • toasted coconut
  • tip 10
  • pastry bag
Put two hemispheres together using chocolate buttercream. Using a bread knife, cut a small amount of cake off one end of a hemisphere so the piece sits flat. Use the knife to cut a flat surface off the top of the shape to make it flat. Ice the entire shape except for the top in chocolate buttercream and roll in toasted coconut. Using a pastry bag fitted with tip 10 and white buttercream icing, pipe a line around the inside if the coconut rim. Use the same tip to pipe icing into the top of the cake but use a knife to spread the icing and make it wavy. Insert straw into top of cake.
To make limes, roll lime green fondant into a lemon shape then cover it with the dark green fondant. Use the poly blade to cut the shape into wedges. Use the tip of the blade to mark pulp lines into the wedges. Place lime wedges into the top of the buttercream icing.