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Candy Bats and Dipped Sandwich Cookies Baseballs

Candy Bats and Dipped Sandwich Cookies Baseballs

Idea gallery #1527
  • baseball bat chocolate candy mold
  • lite cocoa candy coating
  • super white candy coating
  • red candy coating
  • dipping tool
  • parchment triangles
  • sandwich cookies
Melt candy coating. Brush lite cocoa coating into baseball molds to give the bat a woodgrain look. Allow coating to set at room temperature. Fill a parchment bag with red coating and paint in the bats handle. Mix the light cocoa coating with some white coating to get a light brown color for the bat. Fill bats cavity and place mold in freezer. When coating is cold and mold is cloudy, remove mold from freezer and release candy pieces. Use a sharp paring knife to clean up end of bat. Dip sandwich cookies in super white coating; allow excess coating to drip off then lay on parchment sheets. Once cookie is completely dry, use red coating in a parchment bag with a small opening to draw stitch marks on balls.