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Butterflies and Ivy Cake

Butterflies and Ivy Cake

Idea gallery #1602
  • log cake
  • woodgrain texture mat
  • brown rolled fondant
  • tan rolled fondant
  • green rolled fondant
  • light green rolled fondant
  • butterfly cutters
  • butterfly pattern sheet
  • assorted rolled fondant colors for butterflies
  • flower plunger cutters
  • piping gel
  • brushes
  • green royal icing
  • grass tip
  • pastry bag
  • small round tip
  • flower formers
Cut and textured assorted colors of fondant to make several different sizes and colors of butterlies. Using matching pieces of fondant, roll the butterflies bodies and attach wings using piping gel. Place in formers and allow to dry overnight.
Roll green fondant to desired thickness and cover cake board brush with piping gel. Roll tan rolled fondant very thin. Brush knots on log with piping gel and cover with tan fondant. Use ball tool to make the tree age lines in the knots.
Roll brown fondant then roll woodgrain texture mat over fondant. Brush cake with piping gel then cover with textured fondant. Cut out knots so tan fondant shows through.
Pipe a green royal icing vine and roll and cut ivy leaves attaching leaves to vine using piping gel. Cut flowers and roll centers and attach to ivy vine with piping gel. Place butterflies on ivy or log using piping gel.

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