Blueberry Cake Pie

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Introducing our Blueberry Pie Decorated Cake: This cake beautifully combines the rustic charm of a blueberry pie with the elegance of a decorated cake. Its ivory buttercream base is adorned with vibrant blueberry-inspired colors, resembling the overflow of pie filling. From the charming drips to the delicate ruffle border, every detail invites you to enjoy the comfort of homemade goodness. With each bite, savor the rich buttercream and fresh burst of painted blueberries, capturing the essence of a beloved dessert. Perfect for any occasion, our Blueberry Pie Decorated Cake promises to delight with its nostalgic appeal and exquisite taste.
Blueberry Cake Pie

Decorate Blueberry Cake Pie

Decorating the Blueberry Pie Decorated Cake can be a delightful and creative experience. From piping the ruffle border to crafting the lattice pattern and painting the blueberries, each step offers an opportunity for artistic expression. Plus, working with vibrant colors and intricate designs adds an element of fun and excitement to the decorating process. Whether you're an experienced baker or a novice decorator, this cake provides a fantastic canvas to let your imagination soar and create a masterpiece that's as fun to make as it is to eat.

Consider adding lorann blueberry flavoring to the chocolate drip on this cake for a little something extra.


  • White Decorating Buttercream Icing
  • Ivory Soft Gel Paste™ Food Color
  • Royal Blue Soft Gel Paste™ Food Color
  • Navy Blue Soft Gel Paste™ Food Color
  • Regal Purple Soft Gel Paste™ Food Color
  • #125 Petal Stainless Steel Piping Tip
  • #12 Round Opening Stainless Stainless Steel Piping Tip
  • White Chocolate Melts
  • Paramount Crystals
  • Navy Colour Mill Oil Based Food Color
  • Teal Colour Mill Oil Based Food Color
  • Purple Colour Mill Oil Based Food Color
  • True Blue Sterling Pearl Dust


Prepare the Cake: Bake and cool a 7-inch cake of your choice. Once cooled, frost the cake with ivory buttercream and chill it in the refrigerator until the frosting is firm.
Create the Drips: Melt white candy coating and thin it with paramount crystals until it reaches a pourable consistency. Add navy, teal, and purple oil-based candy colors to achieve the desired color. Mix well and transfer the mixture into a tipless piping bag. Pipe drips down the edges of the chilled cake. Allow the drips to set.
Color the Buttercream: Deepen the color of the ivory buttercream by adding more ivory food color. Mix until the desired shade is achieved.
Pipe the Ruffle Border: Fit a piping bag with a petal tip #125, ensuring that the thinner portion of the tip faces outward. Pipe a ruffle border around the top edge of the cake, mimicking the crimped edge of a pie crust.
Pipe Blueberries: Color some buttercream with navy, teal, and regal purple to create a deep blue shade resembling blueberries. Fill a piping bag fitted with tip #12 with the blue buttercream. Randomly pipe small mounds of icing onto the cake to replicate blueberries. Allow the first layer to crust over before piping another layer. Continue piping blueberries until the entire top of the cake is covered. Pipe clusters of blueberries at the base of the cake as well. Allow the icing to crust over before proceeding.
Paint the Blueberries: Prepare an edible paint using True Blue sterling pearl dust and grain alcohol. Gently paint this mixture onto all the blueberries on the cake. Ensure that all the blueberries are evenly coated with the edible paint.
Pipe the Lattice Pattern: Use the same ivory buttercream and petal tip #125 to pipe a lattice pattern on top of the cake, resembling the lattice crust of a pie. Pipe lines of buttercream horizontally across the top of the cake, leaving small gaps between each line. Then, pipe lines of buttercream vertically across the cake, weaving them over and under the horizontal lines to create the lattice pattern.
Final Touches: Once the lattice pattern is complete, your Blueberry Pie Decorated Cake is ready to be served and enjoyed!

Cake decorated like a blue berry pie
Top of cake decorate like a real blueberry pie
Blueberry drip on the side of the cake

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