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40th Birthday Zebra Cookies

40th Birthday Zebra Cookies

Idea gallery #1498
  • cut-out sugar cookie dough
  • 3" circle cutter
  • white rolled fondant
  • aqua rolled fondant
  • piping gel
  • pastry brush
  • number cutters
  • edible Zebra frosting sheets
  • black rolled fondant
Cut and bake cookies; allow to cool. Roll and cut aqua fondant; adhere to cookie with piping gel. Roll black fondant very thin and cut numbers; adhere to cookie with piping gel. Roll white fondant to fit the frosting sheet. Remove frosting sheet from paper backing. Turn over the frosting sheet. Brush the back of the sheet with a thin layer of piping gel. Place the frosting sheet on the fondant. Gently roll over the fondant piece with minimal pressure to completely attach. Use cutter to cut shape; attach to cookie with piping gel.

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