Floral Macaron Mother's Day Cake

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Celebrate mom in sweet style with this Mother's Day cake! Topped with delicate floral lemon macarons, each bite offers a burst of refreshing citrus flavor. Local decorator Cindy King crafted this masterpiece, showcasing her remarkable talent. Not only is she a skilled decorator, but she's also an equally talented baker, dedicated to delivering only the finest flavors. Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram to discover more of her incredible and mouthwatering creations!

Cake Recipe & Products Used

    All of the products Cindy used from Country Kitchen SweetArt are linked at the bottom of the page- this includes the floral decorations, the lemon flavoring, the cake board & more!

    Cindy used this Lemon Blueberry Cake Recipe by Sugar Spun Run. Instead of adding the blueberries like the recipe calls for, Cindy used raspberries. She also added some of our Lemon Icing Fruit to the cake batter & added Lemon Yum Crumbs between the cake layers after baking to enhance the lemon flavor. Yum!!

    Cindy makes homemade frosting using butter & she added some of our Lemon Icing Fruit to add add a nice lemon flavor.

slice of lemon raspberry cake
    The stencil used to decorate the top of the cake is from Stencil Revolution. The stencil used to decorate the side of the cake is from Lissie Lou.

Macaron Recipe & Cindy's Tips

    Cindy used the Lemon Macaron Recipe from House of Nash Eats. To attach the flower decorations, Cindy used a small amount of white chocolate. Make sure to complete this step after the macarons are baked & fully cooled. When assembling the macarons, Cindy added Lemon Yum Crumbs in the center & got rave reviews!

lemon macarons decorated with sugar flowers
    For the smooth tops on her macarons, Cindy sifts the ingredients seperately & then together 2 more times!

Products used