Easter Egg Bunny Bark

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Creating Easter Egg Bark using an egg-shaped candy box is a creative and festive twist. The combination of green candy coating, sprinkles, jewel dust, and bunny sugar layons makes for a delightful surprise in any Easter Basket.
Easter Egg Bunny Bark

Easter Egg Bunny Bark Recipe

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create Easter Egg Bark using green candy melts, sprinkles, jewel dust, and sugar Layon bunnies. The Easter Egg Bark is a delightful and visually appealing treat that combines the sweetness of candy melts with vibrant decorations.


  • 1 lb White Egg Shaped Candy Box with Clear
  • Icing Layons - Happy Hopper Charms
  • Merckens Chocolate Wafers - Light Green Chocolate Melts
  • Green Diamond Dust
  • Crunchy White Jimmies
  • Light Pink Jimmies
  • Pink Jimmies
  • Light Blue Jimmies
  • Orange Jimmies
  • Yellow Jimmies
  • Purple Shimmer Confetti
  • Blue Sugar Pearls


Prepare the Egg Candy Box:
Start with a clean and dry egg-shaped candy box. Make sure it is sturdy and can withstand the heat of the melted candy coating.
Melt Green Candy Coating:
In a microwave-safe bowl, melt the green candy coating at 30-second intervals, stirring between each interval until fully melted. If the coating appears thick, add paramount crystals and stir until it reaches a fluid consistency.
Pour Melted Coating into the Candy Box:
Pour the melted green candy coating into the egg-shaped candy box. Tap the box gently on the counter to smooth the coating and release any air bubbles. Ensure that the coating covers the entire interior of the box evenly.
Add Sprinkle Mix and Jewel Dust:
While the candy coating is still wet, sprinkle the sprinkle mix over the surface. Be generous to create a colorful and textured appearance. Additionally, sprinkle edible jewel dust for a sparkling effect.
Place Bunny Sugar Layons:
Gently place the bunny sugar layons randomly on top of the wet candy coating. Arrange them in a way that creates a playful and whimsical design.
Fill Gaps with More Sprinkles:
If there are any gaps or areas without decorations, add more sprinkles to fill them in. This ensures that your Easter Egg Bark is visually appealing from all angles.
Let Set at Room Temperature:
Allow the candy coating to set at room temperature for 30-45 minutes. This gives it time to harden and ensures that the decorations adhere securely.
Remove from Box and Cut:
Once the Easter Egg Bark has set, carefully remove it from the candy box. The candy should now hold its shape. Use a sharp knife to cut the bark into bite-size pieces.
Serve and Enjoy:
Your Easter Egg Bark is now ready to be enjoyed!
Egg candy box filled with green choclate bark and topped with bunny royal icing sugar layons,spring colored jimmies and pearls and green jewel dust
Easter Egg Bark
Happy hopper bunny royal icing layons on green chocolate bark surrounded by spring colored jimmes and green jewel dust

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