Buttercream Center Filled Egg

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Handmade buttercream candy center-filled chocolate eggs are a delightful confection that combines the rich and creamy texture of buttercream with the indulgent taste of chocolate.
Buttercream Center Filled Egg

Buttercream Center Filled Eggs DIY

These easy-to-make chocolate eggs with pre-made buttercream squeeze-ums are perfect for a quick and delicious handmade Easter treat. Feel free to get creative with decorations and flavors to personalize your chocolate eggs.


  • Cocoa Dark Coating
  • Buttercream SqueezeUm


1. Melt cocoa dark coating in the microwave until completely melted-- 30 second intervals work best.
2. Transfer this melted coating to a tipless bag.
3. Fill each cavity of mold #90-2602 completely with melted coating. Tap the mold on the counter to release any air bubbles.
4. Let this coating set at room temperature for 5 minutes.
5. After 5 minutes, invert the mold over parchment to remove excess chocolate. This is to create a chocolate shell in each cavity.
6. Use an angled spatula or bench scraper to clean the edges of the cavities.
7. Let the coating set for 10 minutes at room tem perature to allow the shells to set up.
8. Cut the end off of the buttercream squeeze-ums bag. Fill with desired amount of filling, making sure to leave enough room for more melted coating on top.
9. If your filling is liquidy, place the filled mold into the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes, or until filling has set up slightly.
10. Once set, melt down more cocoa dark coating and transfer to a tipless bag. Pipe this coating on top of each cavity to seal in the filling.
11. Use an angled spatula or bench scraper to remove any excess coating.
12. Place in freezer for 10 minutes.
13. Invert mold over parchment to remove molded candy coating pieces
14. Use a paring knife to clean up the edges of each piece, if needed.
15. Wrap each egg in any 6x6 piece of colored foil wrap.
16. Use an 18” stretch loop wrapped 3x around two half eggs to attach them together.
17. Place in a food-safe egg carton, and enjoy!
Buttercream Filled Chocolate Eggs wrapped in colored foil in a 4-pack egg carton
Natural egg carton being closed on foil wrapped buttercream eggs

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