Rose Gold Stenciled Candy Bars

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Check out our Rose Gold Stenciled Candy Bars using a silicone chocolate bar mold. After molding the chocolate, we stencil it with royal icing to imprint intricate designs. This involves carefully placing a stencil over the bar and applying royal icing. Next, we create a rose gold paint by mixing rose gold luster dust with grain alcohol and use it to highlight the stenciled details. Once the bar is dried, we gently flip it over, drizzle it with melted chocolate, sprinkle with rose gold sugar crystals, and finish with a spray of jewel dust.
Rose Gold Stenciled Candy Bars

Decorate Rose Gold Stenciled Candy Bars

Click on the video link below to see how to make these Rose Gold Stenciled Candy Bars.


  • Silicone Chocolate Bar Mold
  • Super White Chocolate Melts
  • Twirly Stencil
  • Icing Genie
  • White Royal Icing Mix
  • Shimmering Rose Gold Coarse Sugar Crystals
  • Metallic Rose Gold Rock Sugar
  • White Edible Jewel Dust® Glitter + Small Dusting Pump
  • Pink Champagne Designer Luster Dust
  • Grain Alcohol

Video Tutorial

White Molded candy bar with a rose gold stencil
White molded candy bar. Back side is stenciled in rose gold and the front is drizzled with rose gold sprinkles.

Products used