Green Frosted Cupcakes

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In this blog, we'll explore three delightful ways to frost green cupcakes that go beyond the traditional swirl. Get ready to impress your friends and family with these visually stunning and delicious treats.
Green Frosted Cupcakes

Green Frosted Cupcakes

These three creative ways to frost green cupcakes are sure to elevate your baking game and leave a lasting impression. Your cupcakes will not only taste delicious but also look absolutely stunning. Get ready to dazzle your guests with these green cupcake masterpieces!


  • 12 Cupcakes or Cupcake Dummies
  • Green and White Buttercream or White Buttercream with Green Food Coloring
  • 3 Piping Bags
  • Piping Tips: #856, #809, #868
  • Toppings of your choice


To start with this tutorial we will be using three different colors of green buttercream. To make different variations of color in the buttercream there are a couple of techniques that can be used. Starting with white buttercream in three different bowls. Varying drops of green food coloring can be added to create multiple shades of green. Another way this can be accomplished is by purchasing pre-made green buttercream and adding varying amounts of white buttercream to each bowl. Ensuring you mix all colors thoroughly leaving no streaks of color in the buttercream.
You will need three piping bags fitted with tips #856, #809, #868. Fill the piping bags with the desired shades of green in each bag. When piping onto the cupcake start in the center and apply light pressure moving in a circular motion along the outside edge. Slowly work your way back to the center. Make sure to apply even pressure throughout the piping process. Repeat this process with tip #856 and #809. When piping with tip #868 apply pressure in a circular motion moving to the outer edge. Once the edge is covered, stop the pressure and pull away. As pictured above tips #809 and #856 have a stacked buttercream while tip #868 is one layer. To take your cupcake designs a step further you can add sprinkles, cupcake toppers, or edible glitter. Explore limitless possibilities and have fun with your decorations!

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