Floral Pumpkin Cake

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Embrace the beauty of the season by combining the warmth of autumn with the elegance of florals in a stunning Floral Pumpkin Decorated Cake. Perfect for fall celebrations or as a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving feast, this cake is not only a visual delight but also a delicious treat. In this blog, we'll take you through the creative process of making this exquisite cake.
Floral Pumpkin Cake

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Floral Pumpkin Cake

Elevate your fall celebrations with a Floral Pumpkin Decorated Cake that brings the charm of blooming flowers to your dessert table. This masterpiece not only captures the essence of the season but also showcases the artistry of combining fall florals with the sweetness of a well-crafted cake. Enjoy the process of creating this edible work of art, and savor the joy it brings to those who indulge in its beauty and taste.


  • White Buttercream or Royal Icing
  • Red Food Coloring
  • Green Food Coloring
  • Orange Food Coloring
  • Ivory Food Coloring
  • Brown Food Coloring
  • Two layered cake of your choice, frosted and ready to decorate, or stacked cake dummies frosted with royal icing.


To start you will need a double layered cake, the size of your choosing, frosted and ready to decorate. If you are making an edible cake, buttercream will be used to decorate this cake. If this cake is going to be used for display purposes only, royal icing and cake dummies should be used to preserve the decorations for an extended period of time.
Start by coloring your buttercream or royal icing with gel food coloring in the shades ivory and red. Fit two piping bags with petal tips and fill the bags with the colored icing. Apply a small amount of frosting onto a flower nail and attach a parchment paper square. With the smaller opening of the tip pointing up, pipe a cone in the center of the nail. This will be the starting point of your flower. Pipe three petals around the cone in an upward arc motion. If you angle your tip inwards, you will create a closed rose and if you angle it outwards, you will create an open rose. After piping the first three petals, pipe five more petals. Continue adding petals in odd amounts until you have reached your desired size. Use a smaller petal tip such as number 102, to create smaller roses in the red color. Tip number 104 can be used to create larger roses in the ivory color. Once all of your roses are made, set them aside to set up. If your roses are made from buttercream, place them in the refrigerator or freezer to set up faster. If your roses are made from royal icing, be sure to add them to your cake within 20-30 minutes of making them, or allow them to set up completely overnight before using them.
When you are ready to decorate your cake, make sure to have your flowers and piping bags ready to go. For the rest of the decoration you will need: brown icing with tip #2, Orange icing with tip #18, and green icing with tip #349. Start with brown frosting in a piping bag fitted with tip number 2 and pipe layers of circles about an inch from the edge of the cake. Then , add your flowers to half of the cake, alternating colors. Add small pumpkins piped with tip number 18 and leaves with tip #349. Using tip #18 to pipe three segments for larger pumpkins and add the stem with brown frosting. Continue adding leaves and pumpkins until you have reached your desired look.

Fall Pumpkin and Floral Cake

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